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The next book in the Knicker Sewing Sleuth series (book 3)  ‘Ruby’s Last Song’ will  be released  2020.

Benne La’Tute my new best friend author

Above are Benne’s new books – Red Picasso Murder series. The first book, The Careless Whisperer is on Amazon as a pre-sale and deals with how Athena Morisot becomes a one woman vigilante. The second book The Man from Mississippi follows Athena, (now Red) continuing to find the murderers of her parents. This book will be on Amazon as a pre-sale in October 2019. Both Benne and myself hope you enjoy them.


Writing no matter where!

Hi, I’m Isla Greene – Author of THE Knicker-Sewing SLEUTH my new whodunnit Series. Book 1 ‘The knicker-Sewing Sleuth – Mustang Case File # 1’ and book  2 ‘A Delicious Death’ is for sale as an ebook and paperback on Amazon.

For me, writing is addictive, fun and a lot of hard work. But to create a mystery, or whodunnit series such as ‘THE Knicker-Sewing SLEUTH’ – my first book in THE Knicker-Sewing SLEUTH series is particularly rewarding… I just love creating quirky characters who get in the way while our sleuth is attempting to solve who murdered the woman found in a shallow grave…up in the hills!   AND ‘A Delicious Death’ – my second book in this series has our young SLEUTH still trying to keep his secret hobby a secret!

The next  book in this series, ‘Ruby’s Last Song,’ is difficult to write as the death of Ruby is so close to my main characters while the humor threads – which are inherent in all of the books in this series – is a delicate balance…. 




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