Book 2 ‘A Delicious Death’

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Book 2 A Delicious Death of THE Knicker-Sewing SLEUTH series is on sale at Amazon  Click to purchase

An Innocent Victim? Or Getting his Just-Deserts?

One murder, two daft old folk and three young friends – this humorous tale meddles in the lives of country folk in a close-knit small country town with BIG secrets.   On his second case, Dermot Mustang has been contracted to find out why a lovely, lovely man has ended up dead and apart from a mysterious young woman, everyone thinks it’s from natural causes.

But is it?

Not too many people know that the young P.I. on the case, Dermot, is a bit of a wimp, has a few idiosyncrasies  and has a gut wrenching reaction to dead bodies. Even fewer people know Dermot’s secret hobby – sewing women’s daringly cheeky knickers – but he only sews for his friend who wants a career on the cat-walk! So It’s stress city for Dermot when his two friends turn up to help him solve the case, and once again he gets ensnared into a bizarre crime by  two daft old folk, while lusting after Poppy, frantic sewing deadlines and a murderer on the loose!



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