A fourth fiance? What on earth does she do to them?


A romantic novel (slightly humorous with dark secrets)

Jilted tells the romantic story of jealousy, mystery, blackmail, stupidity and lots of humor with handsome dudes and sassy chics!

And most importantly how, and why Sasha Hamilton thinks it’s a great idea to get herself a 4th fiancé, (the gorgeous foreigner) thus avoiding the humiliation of being jilted for the 3rd time! All she needs to do, is switch the grooms name on the wedding invitations. What could go wrong?

Apparently lots! Her 4th fiancé is not who he claims to be and knows her parents dirty little secret—and they know he knows! So while the people who are meant to care the most for Sasha, plot against her to ensure she gets jilted, again… Sasha realizes she’s still in love with fiancé no. 3!

Several oddballs make up her nearest and dearest so the plots to thwart Sasha’s latest wedding plans become more outrageous, and surely at least one of them will succeed? And leave her heartbroken again? Or can true love that never runs smoothly, actually, conquer all?

A murder mystery set in Oxford New Zealand

Isla Greene has written a murder mystery set in Oxford New Zealand.  ‘A Delicious Death’ is a humorous tale of one murder, two daft old folk and three young friends who meddle in the lives of country folk in a close-knit town with BIG secrets.   An Innocent victim? Or Getting his Just-Deserts?  Isla Greene will let you be the judge – click on this link to find out more Book 2 ‘A Delicious Death’


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