Excerpt from A Delicious Death

When Dermot turned off the motorway he was virtually the only vehicle on that piece of road. Except for a man, probably a Farmer Brown, driving a John Deer tractor. Farmer Brown stopped, got down off his tractor and holding a wooden staff, he watched his black and white farm dog herd recently shorn sheep from a gate from one side of the road to the gate on the other side of the road. The BMW came to a grinding halt and Dermot sat behind the wheel and watched the dizzy sheep rush crazily as the dog snapped at their hooves.

He let out a sigh. He was smack bang in the lazy North Canterbury country side. Country folk never seemed to be in a hurry, they appeared to have all the time in the world. And they looked different too. This Farmer Brown wore an old 1950’s trilby hat, the brim of which had been partly cut away, or as Dermot supposed, had been chewed off by some angry animal.

Clad in an old rugby jersey and corduroys with holes on both knees, Farmer Brown trod heavily in steel capped boots yelling, “Waytogo Bowzer. I said WAY-TO-GO!” But Bowzer kept nipping the sheep’s hooves, thereby opening up a narrow path for Dermot to drive slowly through. Angry, Farmer Brown threw his staff at the dog, which missed and landed in front of the BMW’s wheels. Dermot felt the crunch as he ran over the staff and mouthed an apology to Farmer Brown.

Farmer Brown mouthed ass-hole back to Dermot as he was sorely pissed with all the city folk coming to the countryside every Sunday for a day’s outing—all the way from the city with one sole purpose—to wreck his wooden staff! The second one this month! They were a different breed, those city slickers. And none more so than this little jumped up prick in his flash car, dark sunglasses, showing a mouthful of teeth smile, gelled hair and a whiteboard sticking up in the back seat-the same size as the length of his chicken coop! Had he not heard of notepaper

Book 2 from THE Knicker-Sewing SLEUTH series

The second book in  my Whodunnit THE Knicker-Sewing SLEUTH Series, ‘A Delicious Death’, is for sale on Amazon as an ebook and paperback.

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