and along came the Handsome Stranger

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He loves me…He loves me not…

She’s about to cause one hell of an uproar! Starved of affection. Starved of cash flow. Starved of worldly goods…but Betty’s got a plan. And he’s a tall, dark, handsome stranger and he wants HER! Betty’s love for Harry is being tested to the limits, slowly being destroyed by his ‘accidents’ (often humorous) and his cheap-ass attitude to no. 8 wire! Sparks fly, friends take cover and their home gets wrecked, literally! Harry, ever the optimist,  reckons a wedding anniversary party bash will perk Betty up and her ‘real strange behaviour.’ The village being a bit remote is policed by an overzealous officer who decides the impending party is a front for a drug bust…and fair enough…Betty and Harry’s nearest and dearest are a collection of oddballs at the best of times! When Betty reaches exasperation point,  a handsome stranger comes to their village and the sexual tension begins. Betty doesn’t know if she can contain her lust for the stranger and the excitement of an affair. But, does it matter? Afterall, she is Leaving Harry. Isn’t she?


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